Xfers is a Singapore-based payment processing gateway offering credit card processing and Internet banking transfers. www.xfers.com

You can top-up using Singapore internet bank transfer, and trade with assets using funds in your Xfers wallet.

How do I create an Xfers account?

An Xfers account is automatically created for you click "Connect Xfers" on CoinMoola. If you have an existing Xfers account, it will automatically be linked.

How to top up my Xfers wallet?

You can refer to the step by step instruction here.

Help! My bank transfer is not being credited to my account.

Please file a ticket with Xfers here

Why do I need to verify my Xfers account?

When you successfully verify your account on Xfers, you will also automatically be verified to Level 3 on CoinMoola.

You may also manually verify your Xfers account by logging in to your Xfers account on www.xfers.io.

More information on Xfers verification.

What is my daily spending limit?

Daily spending limit will be dependent on the level of verification. You may check on your current limit or to apply for higher limits on Xfers.